Plastica Nardon Srl: Plastic Injection Molder

Plastica Nardon Srl has been operating since 1951 as a Plastic Injection Molder. Nowadays, the company provides also technopolymer injection moulding in order to supply continuously changing applicative sectors: from automotive to hydraulic and pneumatic, from automation to sport items and more.
Plastica Nardon Srl offers to his customers added value services for product industrialization carrying out all the phases of Design, Moulds development, Production of the technical components and articles.

Plastica Nardon is a plastic injection molder - moulder, and it is concerned with plastic injection molding. The company deals with moulds development, plastic injection moulding and it deals with the production of plastic technical articles, the production of plastic technical components, the realisation of technical plastic articles and the realisation of technical plastic components.
Plastica Nardon also assures technopolymer injection moulding, thermoplastic components injection molding, thermosetting components.