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Moulds Development

Plastic Molds Production

In order to satisfy the design objectives of the client, Plastica Nardon follows the mould creation phases directly.

As a first step it uses simulation software to study and design different mould hypotheses.
Once the design data, which ranges from the material selected to the mould that will be effectively used to make the pieces, has been set, we can:

  • suggest the injection points to make figure filling easier;

  • highlight possible friction areas, or points where the material will run with difficulty;

  • identify the parts that cool prematurely, blocking the flow of the plastic.

Plastica Nardon also uses the knowledge of specialised and trusted partners for mould production.

After mould creation, particular attention is paid to the verification tests which precede the true component moulding phase, and corrections are made to any mould imperfections that may have been found as regards the design.

Plastic Moulds Manufacturing
Plastic Moulds Development


Plastic Mould Production - Plastic Molds Design & Manufacturing

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