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The loss of a Dreamer!

3 November 1925 - 4 November 2014

The loved wife Irene and son Oreste communicate the death of Pierino Nardon. Oreste Nardon, the wife Anna and the childrens Enrica and Amedeo, thank you all for the closeness demonstrated in this dark and sad moment.
There are no words to describe the state of mind that is accompanying us in these early days of your demise, and the deep sense of emptiness that you left inside of all of us.
A large piece of Us and Ns. story goes with you, we will always carry in Ns. hearts and thoughts of every day.
We will continue on our path of life certain to have you constantly by our side.
I would not say goodbye, if anything, a Goodbye Dear Dad, because you've just embarked on a new path of your long and exciting life and you will always next to me. Thank you dad ...
Oreste Nardon

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