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FIPFG Sealing (Formed In Place Foam Gasket)

FIPFG Sealing

The FIPFG sealing system (Formed-in-place-foam-gasket) is used to obtain a technical component in plastic sealed and heat-resistant properties.

The entirely automated process is performed by using a polymeric foam (gasket) to the component previously molded.

The added value of this technology is to increase the performance of quality, convenience and safety in hermetic seal compared to conventional seals placed manually.

Many applications in different industries:

  • Automotive (air conditioning, engine, bodywork, passenger compartment, electrical / electronics);
  • Electrical / electronics (sensors, transistors, boxes);
  • Lighting (street lighting, civil lighting, emergency lighting);
  • Packaging (tight lids, sealing plugs, airtight boxes);
  • Household (suction filters, vacuum components).

Some examples:

Plastic Parts Sealing
Plastic Elements Sealing


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