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Injection Overmolding

Injection over-molding (or bi-material molding) of thermoplastic resins on base elements (in thermoplastic materials).

The process is used to obtain items that respond to:

  • aesthetic requirements (es. pieces in two different colors, pieces with soft feel to the touch, polymer regenerated pieces "ennobled" with new material cover);

  • sealing requirements (es. pressure resistance);

  • performance requirements (es. resistance at critical temperatures, resistance to particular chemical agents).

All presses for bimaterial moulding are equipped with vertical turntable so to be able to optimize production times and to print two types of material in the same article in the specific surfaces of the mold.

Thermoplastic Overmoulding
Bi-material Molding


Injection Overmolding - Bi-material Molding - Bimaterial Injection Overmoulding

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