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Plastica Nardon Srl presents itself as an ideal partner for the realisation of technical components in plastic thanks to its internal flexibility, the technology it uses, its know-how, and the fact that it covers a wide range of production possibilities for both limited and wide product ranges.

plastic material co-molding

The client’s design is executed during the component realisation phase using different working possibilities such as:

  • injection moulding
  • comoulding
  • overmoulding / bi-material
  • ultrasound welding
  • other mechanical workings
  • FIPFG (Formed-in-place-foam-gasket)
  • assembly
plastic components production

The industrial molding is performed using the most modern materials to ensure durability and reliability of the items produced.
The raw materials are thermoplastics (PP, PE, ABS, PA, PPO, POM, PET, PBT, PMMA), thermosetting resins (phenolic, melamine and ureic), new polymers (PEI, PAA, PPS, PPA , PSU, PEEK).

industrial injection moulding thermoplastic

The production process uses highly specialized and advanced equipment and technology:

  • the thermoplastic and thermosetting department is made up of a line of 31 horizontal injection presses having a power of between 250 and 7000 kN, and can produce technical particulars within a range of from 0.5 gr to 3,000 gr per mould using the most varied materials;
  • the comoulding production department is equipped with 9 vertical injection presses having a power between 500 and 800 kN, all with horizontal rotating table;
  • the department for the production of bi-components is equipped with a line of 3 horizontal injection molding presses having a power between 1100 and 3000 KN, all with rotating table.

Plastic-Rubber Co-moulding - Overmolding & Comoulding Metal with Plastic

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