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 Quality Control: Mould and plastic components production


Plastica Nardon Srl, in coherence with the company philosophy that has marked it since 1951, obtained UNI EN ISO 9002 certification in March 1998 and later approved as UNI EN ISO 9001, guaranteed proof of the quality of its productive process.

Quality control

The Quality Service controls the working phases: from production and acceptance to delivery of the batches, which are accompanied by a test report. It can trace which controls have been carried out and when. It has a three-dimensional optic control system which handles forms and control reports.

Technical Office

The internal Technical Service supports clients during the design, design development and pilot mould phases. It suggests the most suitable working equipment for them and advises them on how to optimise their productive process. The Technical Office carries out all the tests necessary for guaranteeing the finished product.

Equipment Department

The Equipment Department creates pilot moulds for plastic, production equipment, and also follows the ordinary maintenance programme which is to be carried out on the moulds.


Pilot Moulds for Plastic - Pilot Moulds Design & Development

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