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During more than 60 years of working with technical components moulded from plastic for third parties, Plastica Nardon Srl has matured an important experience in different industrial sectors.

Some of the fields we have worked in are indicated below:

  • Automotive: connectors for horns, underbonnet components, electric connectors, other parts and elements in plastic

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic: components for horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, submersible pumps, submerged pumps (pump body, impellers, housing for the electric parts, command panels, Venturi pipes, diffusers), filters for compressors, filter casings, non-return valves, thermometers for oil circuit manufacturing machines

  • Thermohydraulic: components for circulators, condensation collectors for heaters

  • Automation: micromotors, micromotor covers, electric connections

  • Automatic distributors: change machine parts, coin box components, drink dispenser components, banknote readers

  • Lighting, lighting engineering: lamps, roof lamps, small headlights, lamp holders, lamp boxes and components

  • Household items: corkscrews, caps for bottles

  • Sport items: parts for bicycle gears

Plastic Components for Automotive - Plastic Components for Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Plastic Components for Automation & Lighting

hydraulic and pneumatic

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