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Plant & Technology

Bi-Material Plastic Injection Molding Plant & Technology

Qualified staff, advanced machineries and specialized technology are essential for the manufacturing process of our firm where we can rely on:

  • an injection moulding department consisting of a 31 horizontal press line with a power ranging from 250 to 7000 kN endowed with a specific system suitable for the automatic release of the pieces. The reduction of the dead time determines a high increase in productivity guaranteeing maximum precision of the produced piece;

  • a co-moulding department (metal-plastics or plastics-plastics) consists of 9 vertical presses ranging from 500 kN to 800 kN, all of them endowed with an horizontal rolling board and automatic loading and downloading systems (anthropomorphic robots or dedicated automations). So it is possible to produce the most complex articles on a large scale;

  • an ultra-sound welding department: here many different plastic made articles can be combined. The process involves 5-3000w welders with loading and downloading devices. Suitable software allows to be up to previously set quality standard;

  • a FIPFG sealing department (formed in place foam gasket) based on a latest generation Sonderhoff line, realizes hermetic seal foam gaskets in bi-component resins which can be applied in many different industrial sectors;

  • a bi-material department consists of a line of 3 horizontal presses with power ranging from 1100 to 3000 KN, all with vertical turntable so that we can optimize the time of production;

  • a component resuming department (based on traditional machine tools) in charge of all the additional processings requested by the plan (turning, thread, drilling operations);

  • an assembly department / visual control 100% is activated on the customer's request, is necessary for arranging the technical products in view of a direct utilization in the production lines. The whole process is made possible thanks to control tests carried out by Plastica Nardon and documented to customers with "free pass" certificates;

  • a mould maintenance department equipped with electoerosion and tangential correction plants, a CNC processing centre as well as traditional machine tools;

  • a 800sq. metre warehouse for the storage of the products.

With a 85 operator staff we operate in three daily shifts 24 hours a day Monday to Friday.

Bi-Material Plastic Injection Molding - Plastic Co-Moulding

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