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Plastica Nardon manufactures thermoplastic components for the hydraulic and heating industry.

Some examples of production:

  • Submersible pumps components
    diffusers, impellers, tested, check valves, filters

  • Centrifugal pumps components
    centrifugal pump body, impellers ultrasonically welded

  • Components for household appliances pumps
    body pump appliances, ultrasonically welded impellers, rotors with co-molded metal bushing

  • Pumps for aquariums components

  • Drainage pumps components (cellar)
    body pump drainage, impellers shim, floating

  • Hydraulic valves components

  • Water meters components
    body water meter, kinematics, lids, fittings

  • Heating plants components
    condensation collectors, fronts

Components for Hydraulic Pumps - Plastic Components for Plumbing
Plastic Components for Heating Plants

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